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R51 NEW ORLEANS - Rios 1931 Watchstrap - German Made Genuine Leather

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  • From RIOS1931, a German company founded by master craftsman Oswald Riemer in 1931.
  • RIOS1931 is a family business, currently in its third generation of Riemer ownership.
  • Handmade in Germany.
  • R51"NEW ORLEANS"- Embossed Alligator grain on Genuine Leather strap, matt finish, with stitching that is cream white. When you purchase a RIOS1931 watch strap you are acquiring a high quality craft product. The combination of traditional, handcrafted perfection while constantly evolving has made the watch straps of RIOS1931 a unique, top quality product. R51 "NEW ORLEANS" watch straps are available from 16 to 22mm, in black, brown, dark brown, tan, burgundy, pink, dark blue, grey, orange. Thickness of strap: (approx.) 6.0 mm to 3.0 mm. Cross Section: round. Select the size and colour that best suits your needs. Lug/Buckle Measurements: 16/14 mm, 18/16 mm, 19/16mm, 20/18mm, 22/18mm.